A saga .


Paper Emotions

The soil is bruised The soul is blemished The gentle ,precise slits bleeding then Dried and clotted in perfect knots now Hot springs ooze out of the corners Traverse the curve and trickle out of the corners Trickle ,then tumble The voice in the soil whispers "You could not pull the strings right your voice [...]


The pulsating pound of flesh throbs Strewn everywhere on the road Are pieces of life. Are pieces of death. Can they tell whose body is bruised? Whose body is singed in flames? The pound of flesh still throbs White as snow, It rips up its throat It shouts,it shouts for the red river flowing in [...]

Clandestine Euphoria

The blinding orange hit the cracks In the window glass Flaming reflections ,dazzled frames It trickled down the yellow walls Kissing the yellow souls As the scorched lips touched Every curve responded He plucked every string of her  silent soul She quivered as the chords of vibration Ran into her nerves seeped in deep The [...]

Silence of the Ghats

The umbilical cord joined The mysterious path we traced Body scorched ,turned to ashes She remained in the melting bones and flesh Forever she remained in the fire She winces,she whimpers Have you ever tasted the salt of her tears like you did now? When the flesh was clinging to the bones Did your ears [...]

The DISTORTED Disguise

#sagas My jaundiced vision Naked with joy watches the VANDALISM The walls crash,bricks smash The pillars turn to dust I sold  myself short My heart explodes tearing up the thrashed, swollen breasts Clenching my fists still Savage with lust I seek my soul to rescue lying in the debris, I wonder Where am I? What [...]